PAF Team & Contact

The Performing Arts Festival team brings together young and experienced artists, festival designers, organizers, editors, public relations staff....  - Many team members are also active in the independent performing arts scene. Together we lead and create the festival from the independent performing arts community. In the course of planning, we are supported each year by enthusiastic and creative colleagues who are involved in the implementation and follow-up of the festival.

You will meet us personally during the festival - we are looking forward to it!


Phone: +49 (0)30 30 34 66 28
Fax: +49 (0)30 33 84 54 53

info [at]


Postal adress

LAFT Berlin im Ballhaus Ost
- Performing Arts Festival Berlin
Grünberger Straße 39
​​​​​​10245 Berlin


Program & Networking

Claudia Marks
Coordination "Programming from the Community" 
claudia.marks [at] 

Nora Wagner
Discourse & Day of Open House(s)
nora.wagner [at]

Toni Zahn
toni.zahn [at]

Anna Wille
Parties, workshops, discourse & festival center
anna.wille [at]

Leoni Grützmacher
Parties, workshops, discourse & festival center
leoni.gruetzmacher [at]

Emese Bodolay
&friends Besuch
emese.bodolay [at]


Anika Andreßen
PR & Marketing 
anika.andressen [at]

Luisa Kaiser
luisa.kaiser [at]

Daniel Brunet

Caroline Ammer & Ricardo Meyer
Grafic Design

Bijan Dawallu & Giovanni Gaias
Webdesign & Code

Project Management & Ticketing

Anna Florin
anna.florin [at]

Elmar Conzen
elmar.conzen [at]

Melanie Klimmer
melanie.klimmer [at]

LAFT Berlin

Janina Benduski 
Program Direction

Hannah Pelny
Project Management
hannah.pelny [at]

Catrin Lichy
Office Management

Florian Bücking, Dagmar Domrös
Associate Board Members

info [at]