Conditions for Taking Part in the Programming from the Community Series During the 2023 Edition of the PAF

  • One requirement is the on-time and complete submission of the work via the online form. Please note: there is no possibility to save the application, meaning that the form must be filled out completely and then sent directly.
  • The sender of the application is informed that, in the event of inclusion within the festival’s schedule of programming, the productions presented are decentrally organized and financed by the participating performance venues or the presenting artists/groups and must ensure that they are financially and organizationally in the position to present the work.
  • The participating performance venues and event locations must be part of Berlin’s professional independent performing arts community and must have existed for at least six months by the time of the festival and must regularly present events.
  • Only professional productions from Berlin can be included in the festival’s schedule of programming, meaning that the participating artists must be based in Berlin. The performance venues and event locations can submit one production by Berlin-based groups and/or artists.
  • Unfortunately, productions created by students cannot be considered for presentation in the festival.
  • For the 2023 edition of the PAF, only existing productions that were premiered since 2020 can be submitted; these can be digital, analog as well as hybrid. It is not possible to submit premieres.
  • We do ask that the production submitted not be presented immediately beforehand (ideally between the end of the open call and the festival) or at least three months before the beginning of the festival.
  • The following materials are required in order to take part in the festival: video material of the production to be presented and the internet presence of the artists/collectives. These are already requested in the form.
  • The performance dates provided in the applications must be within the dates and times named by the festival. The ultimate presentation dates and times will be determined in conjunction with the festival coordination team.
  • All editorial information not yet provided will be requested from the participants after the creation of the schedule of programming. This information will be used to conduct the PR work of the festival and must be provided in order to participate in the festival.
  • The following deadlines must be complied with in order to take part in the Programming from the Community: The signed contracts should be returned to us by March 17, 2023. The editorial deadline is also March 17, 2023. If one of these deadlines represents a barrier to you, please contact our festival team as early as possible so that we can work together to search for a barrier-free solution.

Please note! Each production can only be submitted for one programming series of the PAF; it is not possible to simultaneously apply for the Programming from the Community, Introducing… and/or the Closing Performances.