Day #3: Getting Older Together

Festival Center at Circus Schatzinsel

Friday is completely dedicated to the topic of getting older together in the festival center in Circus Schatzinsel (Kreuzberg). The fact that we will all become older is unavoidable and this knowledge is often associated with uncertainties and worries in the field of art and culture. How can this be encountered TOGETHER?

During the daily conversational keynote speech at noon, Serfiraz Vural will provide an introduction to the topic of intergenerationality and the last soup for the week will be served, which can be chatted over in the garden of Schatzinsel. During Conversation #3 Coffee and Cakes of the Generations, various aspects of intergenerational cohabitation can be discussed beginning at 2:00 pm in three different groups and acquaintance can be made with a variety of projects: the choreographer Christoph Winkler, representatives from RuT Wohnprojekt and additional projects. Moderated by Katharina von Wilcke, alongside sweet treats there is also the opportunity here to come together in informal conversations with people from other generations. 

The production 1482 has a performance at 8:00 pm with cast members between the ages of 17 and 82. Following the performance, they will talk about their experiences of an intergenerational artistic collaboration.

Like every evening, the festival bar will also open its doors on Friday starting at 7:00 pm for everyone who would like to come together and clink glasses together. Did I just hear a #campfire?

Program at Circus Schatzinsel