Publication "Other Spaces"

Theater needs space. Actual space in which human beings can meet each other and temporarily form a community. Space to develop new, experimental aesthetics and for social experiments. It also needs a public space for the encounter of the audience with the performing arts, with itself and between individual members of the audience.

In this book, the spaces of the independent performing arts community in the theater metropolis of Berlin take center stage. 33 performing arts venues in Berlin are profiled in this richly illustrated volume. It is a first attempt to present the independent spaces for the performing arts in Berlin in all of their breadth and diversity.  In doing so, this book also explores the origins of these spaces, their respective histories and the ways in which their function has changed in their respective social and topographical environments within the urban landscape.

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Other Spaces

The Independent Performing Arts Venues in Berlin

Edited by Anja Quickert, Luisa Kaiser and Janina Benduski
Paperback with approx. 300 pages
With numerous coloured illustrations
Size 230 x 220 mm
ISBN 978-3-95749-360-6
EUR 19,50 EUR / 14,99 (digital)

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