FAQs for the 2023 newcomer’s platform Introducing…

Who can apply to participate in Introducing…?

Applications are welcome from artists, artist groups and collectives whose work is based in Berlin and who are newcomers to the community. The primary working location of the newcomer artists, artist groups and collectives must be in Berlin or be shifted to here in the near future - this should be clear from the information provided in the application form. The applicants should be at the beginning of their professional activity.

How do I apply?

Applications for Introducing... can only be made using the online application form. An application is only valid if the form is completed in full and submitted online. The submission deadline for your applications is January 23, 2023.

What work do I apply with?

In general, newcomers in the form of artists, artist groups and collectives with independent productions in the field of the independent performing arts that have premiered since the beginning of 2020 until the end of the open call and are documented on video can apply. In exceptional cases, well-documented, significantly developed tryouts can also be submitted.

Analog, digital as well as hybrid formats are warmly welcomed. These do not absolutely have to be connected to a stage situation. It is also just as possible to submit works that have been developed for specific public locations in Berlin, such as audio walks or artistic walks.

We recommend an application with technically and organizationally simpler work, as the technical conditions and set-up times are limited.

What does the newcomer’s platform Introducing… offer?

The newcomer’s platform offers young artists, artist groups and collectives the opportunity to present themselves to a (professional) audience within the scope of the festival.

In addition, Introducing… also sees itself as a platform for inviting the participants to network and exchange with other artists, performance venues, advisors and industry professionals. With this in mind, we also invite the participants in Introducing… to take part in additional internal formats which are oriented as much as possible to the interests of the selected applications for their artistic work and further development. Workshops, feedback conversations, networking meetings and advisement with different focal points are all possible. We look forward to ideas for workshops or conversation formats that you can indicate on the application form.

How many times will my production be presented?

Each production is generally presented one time, but deviations from this dependent upon the production format are possible. All of the artists and participants selected for Introducing… should, in addition to the presentation of their own production, take part in the accompaniment formats offered during the festival from May 30 to June 4, 2023 and are invited to attend additional performances.

Which expenses are covered?

The Berin Performing Arts Festival pays a fee in the amount of the minimum fee recommended by the BFDK for the selected artists, artist groups and collectives as well as additional participants for the productions presented as part of the newcomer's platform (the fee is based on the size of the group or the number of participants). Costs for necessary travel and transportation may be able to be covered in exceptional cases and this require prior communication and coordination. In the "analog case," the cooperating venues assume the costs for the space, basic technical support, and evening services at the performances. Access costs can also be covered to certain amount.

Who selects the work?

The applications will be reviewed in February 2023 with representatives of the cooperating performance venues as well as a member of the festival team responsible for the format and the final selection will be made.
Decisions will be announced in the middle of March 2023.

Who organizes the festival?

The newcomer’s platform Introducing… is an event created and realized by the Berlin Performing Arts Festival.

The Berlin Performing Arts Festival is an event shared between all independent performance venues, groups and artists working in Berlin, the independent performing arts community. The community is responsible for the festival artistically and organizationally. The festival is presented by LAFT Berlin in cooperation with the performance venues Ballhaus Ost, HAU Hebbel am Ufer, Sophiensæle and TD Berlin. The festival coordination team works for LAFT Berlin. It centrally promotes the festival and the participating productions, both within Berlin and internationally.

Will I have an opportunity to ask more questions before the application deadline?

Yes, there will be an online information event on January 10 at 5:00 pm that you can register for via email: introducing [at] performingarts-festival.de. If you cannot attend, you can send us your questions via that email adress as well.