Bühnen im Haus der Statistik e.V

In the late summer of 2019, various theater makers founded the "Bühnen im Haus der Statistik". Together, the stages develop a diverse program, the commonality is defined by the place where they are located. Over time, the use of various outdoor spaces in the building becomes the hallmark of the venue. The construction site becomes a collective stage production and a theater format all on its own. The cooperation with other collectives in the Haus der Statistik is based on mutual help, no matter in which area. Thus costumes are created in the workshops of the "Stadtmission Berlin". The "Materialmafia" supports with stage elements, and the "Mitkunstzentrale" becomes a stage set in a public space.

Sa 03.06

Spoken Word Theater


A performative exploration in and around the Haus der Statistik - a theater workshop
Sa 03.06. 18:00
For English speaking audience