Katrin Hentschel

Katrin Hentschel studied directing from 1991 to 1995 at the HfSK "Ernst Busch" as well as art history in Freiburg and founded the theater group Hamletbüro in Berlin. At Volksbühne Berlin she worked as a dramaturgy assistant for Matthias Lilienthal and assisted Leander Haussmann. She worked at the Berlin film production company zero film as an assistant director, author and director. At the Theater Freiburg she worked as a dramaturge and director under the artistic director Barbara Mundel and was chief director of the Theater an der Parkaue/Junges Staatstheater Berlin. She is currently working as a freelance director at various municipal theaters in Germany and Switzerland.


Sa 03.06

Performance, Dance

Stadt Land Angsthase

Sa 03.06. 16:00