Peter Pleyer

Peter Pleyer studied dance at the European Dance Development Center (EDDC) in Arnhem/NL. Since 2000 he lives in Berlin with a strong interest in new methods of training dance and composition, where improvisation plays a central role. In 2014 he successfully picked up his choreographic career with the solo „Ponderosa Trilogy“ and the group pieces „visible undercurrent“ and „moving the mirror (2015-21). After the group-show „cranky bodies dance reset“, he and his partner, the visual composer Michiel Keuper, founded „Cranky Bodies a/company“ in 2020. Together they showed „Terrestrial Transit“ in Berlin in 2022. Peter was a guest professor at HZT Berlin in 2015/16.

Sa 03.06

PAF University Day

An event for students
Sa 03.06. 14:00
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