The team of the Berlin Performing Arts Festival endeavors to be a sustainably conceived festival and is aware of the conservation of resources and the accompanying responsibility for this. Sustainability is a central topic in the planning and realization of the festival because an environmentally friendly orientation is important to the team in order to keep any negative effects upon people and the environment as small in scale as possible.


How green is the PAF and what does this mean in detail?


  • We primarily use recycled materials for our festival decorations (e.g. banners) or we recycle and reuse the materials ourselves and conduct our planning with our existing stock of stored materials in mind.
  • We only purchase items that we absolutely need. Otherwise, we work with rental companies and work closely with the event locations and make use of the existing infrastructure (e.g. for seating options, technology or dishes).
  • Our feeding habits have a tremendous influence on the climate. For this reason, we exclusively offer climate-friendly vegetarian and vegan catering at our events and avoid waste while keeping the hygiene guidelines in mind.
  • Our print materials in paper form or other media are always kept to an absolute minimum and only the necessary volume is printed.
  • We also use a cargo bike for shorter transportations within the city.
  • We do respect the wishes of the travelers when it comes to the arrivals and departures of our guests (from abroad), but do make sure to point out and support climate-friendly alternatives (e.g. traveling by train).