Day #2 – Community Day: Working Together

Festival Center at Theater unterm Dach

On Thursday, the festival center is a guest at Theater unterm Dach (Prenzlauer Berg) and has called for a “community day”: everything revolves around the question of how we can work together (better). During lunch, Tran Thu Trang will report on the project FAIRSTAGE and provide a keynote speech measures for working conditions in theaters that are critical of discrimination. These can be discussed in small groups after this while enjoying a soup.

The subsequent workshop is dedicated to the question of the extent to which the principle of permaculture can also be transferred to urban society and to working conditions. TBA will bring the participants into a garden and, from there, will thoroughly pursue a variety of questions.

Beginning at 4:00 pm, as part of a cooperation with the Berlin Theatertreffen, Tina Pfurr (Ballhaus Ost), Falk Rößler from the group FUX and Professor Dr. Wolfgang Schneider (chair of the board of Fonds Darstellende Künste, amongst other positions) will discuss with Eva Behrendt (moderator) how the funding landscape of the independent performing arts must develop after the experiences made during the pandemic. Following this, the audience and the community are invited to become active themselves: with the support of Geheime Dramaturgische Gesellschaft, the PAF festival team has asked for suggestions, ideas and criticism regarding the future of the Berlin Performing Arts Festival. Beginning at 8:00 pm, the production Burn Outby Hardt Attacks will illuminate aspects of social and climate sustainability in the working methods of theater on the stage of Theater unterm Dach.

After this diverse input, a drink at the festival bar is just what the doctor ordered. From the balcony of Theater unterm Dach the city can be watched in the spring and the impressions of the day can be discussed - or completely other topics.

Program at Theater unterm Dach