Theater Scoutings Berlin accompanies selected productions during the festival with a variety of opportunities discussion and exchange that offer both physical as well as creative/artistic points of access. Audience members and artists are invited to share their observations, thoughts, perceptions and questions with each other and to prepare themselves to experience the unknown and unusual over the course of an in-depth investigation of the productions of Berlin’s independent performing arts community. 



Events by Theaterscoutings Berlin

TUSCH Workshop for Students on "Reclaim THF!"

May 25 at 10:00 am

In the middle of Berlin, one of the largest buildings in the world in terms of area is slumbering away with an eventful history. We are talking about Tempelhof Airport, or THF. While people are bustling about on the Tempelhof field, hardly anyone knows what is happening in the associated building. Much of it is empty, much of it inaccessible. What can be created here in the future? What do we want for this place? And what can art contribute?
In site-specific theater, a place outside the theater becomes a stage set, a play object, or an active participant: What is there to see at a disused airport? Where is the story hiding? Where are there stages? What belongs to the production and what was coincidence?
Inspired by our experiences during the audio walk Reclaim THF, we will then explore the airport as a theater stage and dream up our own visions of the future.

Age group: 12 + 
Duration: performance + workshop 120 minutes
In German spoken language
Registration until May 16 to reservierung [at]

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Dance as Sketch for "Embody Landscapes" in Körnerpark

Wednesday, May 25, 4:00 pm

With Dance as Sketch, a “drawing” audience with little or lots of experience is invited to attend the performance Embody Landscapesand to document their impressions of this site-specific performance as sketches. The sketches will then serve as the point of departure in order to enter into shared conversations as well as to share our own experiences of what we have seen and their realization on paper with each other. How do I perceive the performers and the (moving) environment of the park through drawing? How do I capture movement and atmosphere? Can something fluid and ephemeral like dance be captured in an immobile composition of lines? Or do sketches perhaps have something dynamic to them like the movement of the dancers? 

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Post-Performance Discussion with the Audience About "Migraaanten" at Ballhaus Prinzenallee / interkulturelle Initiative e. V.

Wednesday, May 25, 8:00 pm

In these 80 minutes of the performance Migraaanten, we are all sitting in the same boat. The post-performance discussion with the audience will deal with a topic that has once again become even more important in recent months: migration is nothing new, but it is a topic that is persistently insufficiently resolved. At the moment, over 65 million people in the world are displaced - that is, every 113th person is affected. The discussion will invite audience members to bring questions with them into the theater and to enter into an exchange with the artists. According to the philosopher Gabriel Markus, there is an “information distance problem” today. Real information develops differently than on the internet and in the media. We can no longer trust our perceptions, we create incorrect images of what we do not experience directly. Our perception of war has changed because this war is now taking place in the middle of Europe. In other places, however, wars continue to rage unnoticed. If no one wants this unjust and inhumane situation to exist, why don’t we do something to stop it? Is it because we can’t do anything to stop it?

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Tuning In - A Sound Meditation for "physical prospects"

Thursday, May 26, 9:00 pm, meeting point: Tatwerk, Hasenheide 9, Gewerbehof 2. Hinterhof Aufgang 1, 3.OG

What do porous bones actually sound like? And what do the curious materials such as Icelandic moss tell us about the conditions shortly before tearing? The warm-up format before the performance physical prospectsinvites the audience and its sensory perceptions to set off on a multisensory voyage of discovery. Following a brief and exciting introduction about the Anthropocene, the audience can immerse itself within the world of porous bones through a mini audio meditation very privately using headphones: a latent landscape of bodies, moss and concrete that slowly sets itself into motion. A cracking, as if the surface of a silent landscape is suddenly breaking open.  Tears amplify themselves and trace the violence of the Anthropocene in the spaces in between that open up. Queer perspectives on grief and rage position one’s own fragility as a resistant anchor point in physical prospects. What can such a resistance look like, how does it feel and how does it materialize itself? 

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Physical Reflection on "talk to me!" at Theaterhaus Schöneweide

Friday, May 27, 8:00 pm

The format Physical Reflectionis a post-performance discussion in motion. Using one’s own body and together with other audience members, a physical access point to the topics of the dance performance talk to me!will be created using the tools of a somatic dance praxis: language mechanisms in societal contexts, personal experiences of exclusion and inclusion, speechlessness, rage and powerlessness. The center of the focus is placed upon the gaps in communication, which will be explored by a diverse ensemble of hearing and deaf dancers and actors using different forms of expression such as sign language, spoken and written language(s) as well as dance. How can I approach my own questions and thoughts as an audience member? How can I physically encounter a performance, context or approach in physical exchange with other audience members?

Concept and realization: Miriam Beike

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Singles and Theater Lovers at "Allein" at The Wall Comedy Club

Friday, May 27, 10:00 pm

The stand-up comedy solo Alleinby Liliana Velazquez deals with the emotional maturation and self-acceptance of a woman in her mid-40s who is childless and single. On the basis of her personal history, Liliana examines the topics of immigrants, sex workers and women while negotiating the rules that society places on a woman in order to maintain a right to visibility. Following the performance, the communication format Singles and Theater Lovers gives special singles the opportunity to have an encounter with an audience they do not know (yet) and speak informally about the themes of the performance. A format created and facilitated by Katharina von Wilcke.

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"Momentum PLAY" and "The Power of Plausch" at "Singing Machine" at Centre Francais

Saturday, May 28, 3:30 pm

Momentum PLAY

The format Momentum PLAYinvites audience members to open up their eye for the arrangements of bodies in space before the performance. We will navigate ourselves through the theater with the help of a guiding principle and enter into relations with each other. Playfully, we will change the room through individual decisions and sharpen our perception what is happening on the stage. A format created and facilitated by Laura Böttinger.

The Power of Plausch

Are you heading home after the performance with an empty stomach and a head full of questions? With the format The Power of Plausch, FLUGWERK invites the audience and artists to cook and chat together after the performance. While bending over cutting boards and cooking pots, everyone can reflect together upon what they have seen over the course of various (preparatory) steps. Following this, the small talk will continue in a relaxed atmosphere with good food and we will finish the evening together. A format created and facilitated by Flugwerk. 

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