Love, rage, snot and glitter meet clear statements and queer feminist empowerment. The rapper Finna is a grinning rebel with an enormous voice who advocates for sexual self-determination and works against homophobia and body shaming. She is a strong woman who not only stands out with her powerful softness and irresistible honesty but also plays her way into making a lasting impression in the hearts of her audience.

Finna has performed live as a solo act or part of the new feminist hip-hop collective Fe*Male Treasure on countless stages and is also attracting attention from beyond the rap community.

Finna’s debut album was released by Audiolith Records in the spring of 2022 – and you can be sure of two things: Zartcore stays tender core and music stays political!

Tu 30.05

PAF Opening

Opening, Concert & Party with FINNA and more
Tu 30.05. 18:30
Deutsch, Englisch & DGS