Zookunft.Project / Tatjana Mahlke & Hannah Juliane Steenbeck

Tatjana Mahlke and Hannah Juliane Steenbeck studied at the College of Contemporary and Urban Dance in Zurich and have worked since 2019 from Berlin in a variety of projects in Germany and Switzerland. Their piece out of no thing concerns itself with forms of rejection and asks how one positions oneself to a no and what comes afterward. In doing so, they investigate when no is an obstacle, when it is a placeholder and when it is an end. As members of the collective Zookunft.Project, they organize formats such as performance museums, interdisciplinary ciphers and backward walks.


Su 04.06

PAF Closing

Farewell, short performances, concert & party for all 18 years and older
Su 04.06. 16:00
German, English & without language