PAF Closing

Farewell, short performances, concert & party for all 18 years and older
Mit dajci*, Michelle Félix, Xiaoer Liu, neveroddoreven, Ahmed Soura, Maren Strack, Zookunft.Project & Gute Katze Böse Katze
Playing times
Su 04.06 · 16:00 - 22:00
360 Min.
Free entrance

Mensch Meier

Storkower Str. 121, 10407 Berlin

To bring the week of the festival to a festive closing together, we warmly invite you to attend the event PAF Closing in the Berlin club Mensch Meier. You can experience a variety of short performances from Berlin’s independent performing arts community and meet some familiar or new faces. Curated by the festival team itself, PAF presents performances in a variety of genres by dajci* collective, Michelle Félix, Xiaoer Liu, neveroddoreven, Ahmed Soura, Maren Strack and Zookunft.Project. The chronological order of the short performances will be announced at the performance location on the day of the event. It is possible to come and go flexibly during the entire event. We do advise everyone who does not want to miss one of the performances to come right at the beginning. To bring things to a close, we will dance out of the festival accompanied by live music form Gute Katze Böse Katze from Hamburg.

Registration is requested at:

Currently the event is fully booked. But you are welcome to drop by spontaneously and we will see if there are still places available!

Event notes

Mensch Meier is a nightclub. Unfortunately, this means that only people who are at least 18 years old can attend the PAF Closing event. Please note that taking pictures is not permitted inside the club as well as in the outside area.


Continuously accessible, step-free and level access from the street to the building without railings is available. There are also barrier-free parking spaces available. They are located at a distance of 5 and 50m from the house. A few parking spaces are located directly in front of the courtyard door. The others are located about 50 meters away, diagonally opposite the Jobcenter Berlin Pankow. Otherwise, there are many parking spaces on the main street Storkowerstraße directly in front of the venue.
In addition, barrier-free and wheelchair accessible sanitary facilities are available.

Contact: Mensch Meier
Phone: 030 658 32 595


dajci* is a Berlin-based collective whose artistic research focuses on body images and nudity.

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Michelle Félix studied dance in Sinaloa (Mexico) and has then worked as a dancer, educator and culture facilitator in Berlin.

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Xiaoer Liu is a Berlin-based performance artist. Her work rebels against the patriarchy and bureaucracy and fights for human rights and female self-determination.

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Julia Pinter and Oli Pinchbeck are neveroddoreven, a performance group from Berlin.

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Ahmed Soura was born in Burkina Faso and is the artistic director of the traditional dance company KÔRO.

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Maren Strack is an artist who works in between dance and sculpture. For her, the feet are the most important part of the body.

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Tatjana Mahlke and Hannah Juliane Steenbeck studied at the College of Contemporary and Urban Dance in Zurich and have worked since 2019 from Berlin in a variety of projects in Germany and Switzerla

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Punk music for cuddling from Hamburg! The lion Rosa Licht, the drag kitten Campina de la Fuente and the pussy tomcat Axel Hollywood stray through the back alleys of Hamburg.

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The Performing Arts Festival team brings together young and experienced artists, festival designers, organizers, editors, public relations staff....

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Short performances: dajci* collective, Michelle Félix, Xiaoer Liu, neveroddoreven, Ahmed Soura, Maren Strack und Zookunft.Project
Concert: Gute Katze Böse Katze