Gute Katze Böse Katze

Punk music for cuddling from Hamburg! The lion Rosa Licht, the drag kitten Campina de la Fuente and the pussy tomcat Axel Hollywood stray through the back alleys of Hamburg. They snarl against patriarchies and capitalist exploitation, discuss with radio stations and sharpen their claws on outdated role models. And, in doing so, these cats at heart only want what everyone wants: to cuddle and to frolic.

The queer feminist trio released their first album Fell in Love in October 2022 on the Hamburg label Waldinsel Records.

Gute Katze Böse Katze are: Campina de la Fuente (guitar/vocals), Rosa Licht (synthesizer/vocals) and Axel Hollywood (drums/vocals).

Su 04.06

PAF Closing

Farewell, short performances, concert & party for all 18 years and older
Su 04.06. 16:00
German, English & without language