Gute Katze Böse Katze

Punk music for cuddling from Hamburg! Rosa Licht, Axel Hollywood and Campina de la Fuente are straying through your backyard. They snarl against patriarchies and capitalist exploitation, wonder about radio stations and sharpen their claws on outdated role models. In doing so, these cats only want what everyone wants: to cuddle and to frolic.

The queer feminist trio will release their first album Fell in Love on May 14, 2022 on the Hamburg label Waldinsel Records. A concert debut at Volksbühne Berlin, artist funding from Initiative Musik and a tour on the roof of a vintage truck are all at the start of this new band’s history. The lion Rosa, cuddly kitty Campina and pussy cat Axel have a lot of plan for their nine lives.

Gute Katze Böse Katze are Campina de la Fuente (guitar/vocals), Rosa Licht (synthesizer/vocals) and Axel Hollywood (drums/vocals). The three cats hunt punk music for cuddling through the backyards of Hamburg’s music community.

Su 29.05

Free Admission
Su 29.05 15:00

PAF Closing at Panke Culture

For the Audience, Visiting Industry Professionals and the Community