Welcome to the Berlin Performing Arts Festival - @home!

In the year 2020 as well, the Berlin Performing Arts Festival will provide insight into the independent performing arts community of the city – and, in light of the current circumstances, from @home.

The multipart PAF Documentary Miniseries presents the artists with their voices dealing with the current situation and dealing the question of the strength of the performing arts in difficult times. In the Digital Showroom, the artistic works and locations of the schedule of programming have been collected to form a virtual tour.

With Introducing…, the artists of the newcomer’s platform present themselves to the audience – both with their artistic works as well as with do-it-yourself scenarios derived from them.

Exciting projects as well as the creators themselves can be learned about and met during PAF Show & Tell - art you can (virtually) touch and exchange on an equal footing. Talks, networking dates and discussions for all interested parties round out the schedule of programming of this @home edition of the festival.

Beginning with the opening of the festival, the schedule of programming provides a detailed overview of all dates and events - from live streams to vide– premieres as well as discussion formats. The respective events will begin at the announced times in the video window on our homepage.

Beginning on May 20, additional videos on demand, photo series, descriptions and much more will be available in the Digital Showroom 24 / 7. New contributions will be published daily on the PAF blog - interviews, portraits and impressions, written by students within the theater studies program of the Free University of Berlin.

Prior registration is required from some individual events – and this is always indicated in the respective descriptions. We will provide the opportunity to register for these events soon: simply provide your name and contact information – and you will then receive access to the virtual events via email.

Admission to all events of the @home edition of the Berlin Performing Arts Festival is free of charge! We do, however, want to draw your attention to the joint and solidary calls for donations of Bundesverbands freie darstellende Künste with Ensemble Netzwerk, Aktionsbündnis Darstellende Künste and additional partners – support your local artist(s) at:


But right now, we want to wish you a wonderful festival experience, @home!