Katarzyna Wieczerzak

Katarzyna Wieczerzak is a musician, mime, actress and physical theater choreographer. She is a graduate of the Etage School of Performing and Visual Arts and in 2020 completed training as a dance and movement pedagogue/therapist at the IEK in Berlin. She studied violin and double bass in Warsaw and in Berlin. Her main qualifications are instrumental playing (including violin, mandola, fiddle, double bass) and voice work, stage movement and choreography. Her performances include productions, such as Grünlitz (2022, Fokus Festival Görlitz), Scenography like a musical instrument – A beautiful name (2022, site specific am Schachtensee Berlin), Sintflut (2022, ACUD Theater Berlin), as well as engagements in various theatrical and musical projects.



Sa 03.06


DOJO Tanztheater: Wege von hier

Sa 03.06. 16:00
German, Polish, Hungarian, Japanese