DOJO Tanztheater: Wege von hier

Elektro Kagura & Parragi-Nyx-Wieczerzak-Ono
Playing times
Sa 03.06 · 16:00 - 19:30
210 min
Admission price

15 € | 12 € reduced + booking fee


DOJO Sachiko

Miraustraße 22, 13509 Berlin

SINTFLUT, ERLKÖNIGIN and SALARYMAN are three expressive and intense dance theater pieces in which the dynamic expression and the permeability of the body unfold with a strong visuality and in close connection with live music. The pieces will be performed where they were created: in DOJO Sachiko, where they were made by two groups of artists.

Further information on the individual contributions at:…


There is no continuous, step-free and level access (incl. curb ramp) from the street to the building and the event area of a width of at least 150 cm. The Dojo Theater is located on an industrial site on the second floor and is accessible only by stairs. There is no elevator. the entrance door is 180 cm wide and the stairs are not located just behind the entrance door, but a little to the side on the left. From the first floor to the second floor you have to climb about 50 steps without handrails.
Barrier-free parking spaces are available, as well as sanitary facilities. There is no space for wheelchairs or walkers in the performance hall/area, but there is the possibility of special suitable seat reservation and/or to enter the hall ahead of time.

The performance will be largely without speech. Texts are used primarily acoustically and musically, so no special language skills are required.

Contact: Eszter Parragi
Phone: 0157 339 43 412


Artistic direction, staging: Eszter Parragi
Performance (dance/text/vocal): Dahlia Nyx, Katarzyna Wieczerzak, Eszter Parragi
Music: Fumihiro Ono
Live video: Bernd Kumar

Dance, chreography: Ichi Go
Live animation, stage design: Yukihiro Ikutani
Composition, electronic music: AXL OTL

Choreography: Ryota Maeda
Dance: Ryota Maeda, Ayaka Sakai, Ginjo Sakai
Digital painting: Yukihiro Ikutani
Composition, electronic music: AXL OTL, Fumihiro Ono


Eszter Parragi, born in Dombóvár (Hungary), is a freelance dance researcher, performer and writer, and lives and works in Berlin.

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Yukihiro Ikutani is a set designer and visual artist who studied scenography at the Babelsberg Film Academy. In 2013, he completed his master's degree.

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Bernd Kumar is a freelance photographer and video artist who lives and works in Berlin.

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Katarzyna Wieczerzak is a musician, mime, actress and physical theater choreographer.

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AXL OTL is a composer. Besides his musical studies (guitar, violin and classical solfeggio) in Paris, he also studied English literature and Japanese studies.

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Fumihiro Ono is a classical percussionist, composer, and soloist. He lives in Berlin since 2014 and participates in contemporary music concerts.

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Ichi Go began modern dance in 1986 in California, trained in Japan with Mieko Fuji, and has been active as a contemporary dancer in Europe and internationally since 2013.

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Ryota Maeda has been a dancer at Elektro Kagura since 2019.

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Dahlia Nyx is a performance artist based in Berlin. She studied Theater Studies and Religious Studies (M.A.) at LMU Munich and has a background in art therapy and dance therapy.

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Dancers Ayaka Sakai and Ginjo Sakai have been based in Berlin since 2022.

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For the event is a funding by the decentralized cultural work of the district Reinickendorf applied. The event is a collaboration of the Elektro Kagura and the group Parragi-Nyx-Wieczerzak-Ono.


Sa 03.06 · 16:00 - 19:30